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Welcome to Abhithi Foundation!!!
Abhithi means “Fearlessness”. Logo symbolizes Fearless future through focused initiatives for an inclusive growth and contribute for the worldwide sustainable development. Abhithi foundation is a non profit and non political organsation committed to empower the marginalised groups through various acitivities that includes trainings, workshops,campaigns, conferences,research and documentation.
Abhithi foundation works together with different agencies such as government, movements,NGOS, social activists, students,civil society groups that supports the empowerment process of marginalised sections of the society.

To promote quality education and skills among the younger generation with special focus on girls and facilitate them to understand and engage with global issues and diverse communities.
To address the issues that is affecting the inclusiveness of the vulnerable communities with special focus on women and girls.
To sensitize the community and the community based organization on social inclusion and ensure the the inclusion of women children, dalits, tribals, differently abled and older persons.
To initiate activities supporting the inclusive growth of the communities such as women children,dalits, tribals, differently abled and older persons.
To collaborate and network with organizations that is committed to promote gender equality and inclusion of the vulnerable sections of the society.

Area of Operation
At the moment ABHITHI FOUNDATION is working in the states of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry situated on the south east coast of India.

Target sectors/Issues
Human Rights
Research and documentation

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Abhithi foundation is committed to work with younger generation as they are the base for the future society. Adolescence is a vital stage of growth and development marks the period of transition from childhood to adulthood. It is characterized by rapid physiological changes and psychosocial maturation. Adolescence is also the stage when young people extend their relationships beyond parents and family; they are intensely influenced by their peers and the outside world in general. With the commitment to promote 21st century skills to the adolescent girls. Adolescent girls of the age 10-19 were given life and career skills that also includes global awareness, health literacy and environmental literacy, communication, decision making, critical thinking ,problem solving etc.,


In a society where there are biases against women leadership and also women being in a secondary position for many generation women need support to develop their skills. There is an increasing number of women in leadership in both private and public sectors. We understand that providing leadership course to equip with skills and confidence to be successful women leader is crucial. And so community based women leaders were given leadership training for promoting Leadership of women with 21st century skills. Understanding social status of women, Advocacy for Social & Behavioural Change, Legal rights of women Life Skills, Health & Hygiene, Educational empowerment, Nutrition & Food Safety, Right to Information Economic Empowerment of Women. Digital India, Gender & Women, Violence against Women & Girls, Introduction to Govt. Mechanisms.


Promotion of networks among women headed NGOS and women entrepreneurs being a key concern for Abhithi Foundation several meetings are being conducted in different locations and the strategic planning are underway for strengthening further. Initiatives are being taken for strengthening other civil society organizations that are engaged in several other issues that are supportive for the inclusive growth of the community. Sensitization and capacity programmes on gender and social inclusion are conducted for the leaders of civil society organizations to ensure the inclusion of women, children, dalits, tribals, differently abled and older persons at all levels.

Programmes & Events

Workshop on Womens rights - 28th April 2018

Abhithi Foundation organised a meet on Women’s Right on the 28th of April for which there were participation of about 30 women in leadership. The issues of women in Pondicherry and the obstacles in accessing the schemes particularly for the marginalised women were discussed.The importance of educating a girl and the problems of young widowhood and single women were also discussed during the meet. The women participated resolved to be united and support each other and thereby work together for consolidating women power.

Empowering the adolescent girls: Summer Camp - 12th May 2018

Abhithi Foundation organised a summer camp with the concept of empowering the adolescent girls. It was very interesting and joyful moments as there were participation of about 30 girls at the age group 13-16 and they participated actively singing ,dancing,enacting role plays along with the sessions on social awareness and self awareness,ctritical thinking, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, effective communication, coping with stress and emotions and also with tips for success in life and carreer.The girls were inspired so much and they demanded for a follow up workshop.

Get Involved

We are happy to host students, researchers and others who are interested to learn about our work to visit our field. We shall make all arrangements for your field visits.

We always welcome committed and interested candidates to associate with our team.

Volunteer with Abhithi Foundation

Volunteers for Women Empowerment (2018-2019):
For those who are interested to contribute their time, skills and resources for empowering women and girls could volunteer to bring changes in the lives of women and girls.

Volunteers and Intern for Community Action:
We facilitate volunteers and interns who are interested to engage themselves in community action. We offer short term and long term guided program designed as per the requirement of the volunteers which is inclusive of both theoretical and practical inputs on community development with inclusive approaches. While the program aims to help the volunteers and interns to gain maximum providing better space for mutual learning and benefits we also assure a safe and secured stay with us.

Volunteers for Fund Raising and Communication:
We need fundraising and communication specialists who can help our organization grow and contribute for the achievements of the organization.

Online Volunteering:
We also encourage volunteering opportunities online for those who could not travel or other commitments but still interested in supporting our work. Their opportunities ranges from poster designing, developing campaign materials or developing contents for the website, newsletter etc.,

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